Tuesday, August 25, 2015

OP204. Where, oh where could it be?

Another acrostic, I know
It's not where you thought it was, though
It's sitting right here
Its location is clear
If you haven't found it yet, woe!

When you've found it I'll reveal its location.  This was surprisingly hard to do.

PS. The title is a clue.


  1. I didn't need the clues -- found 'where' just from the body of your limerick itself.

    Nifty work! I don't think I'd want to stress my feeble brain to that degree in trying to compete... but maybe... You keep raising the bar, David!

  2. It took Mad a while to get it, so you have that on her. She called me a sadist for making her look for it...lol...

    It's hard because you have to keep the rhyme, so you can't do it with just any set of words. But sometimes I'll try this stuff just to prove I can. Like the "mosquitoes" acrostic; most of those aren't multi-stanza limericks.