Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1798. Pole-ar opposite

Rural boys used to use the word 'cock'
To mean 'pussy!'  Imagine the shock
When one asked in a town,
"Any hot cock aroun'?"
The town toughs called him queer, cleaned his clock.

True!  'Cock' was interchangeable with 'pussy' where I grew up (Ada, OK.)  Males had 'dicks' or 'peters.'  My friends and I used it until at least junior high school and my grandpa (b. 1881) would guffaw when someone mentioned 'Mrs. Glasscock."
One night after lights out while I was in USAF boot camp, a hillbilly from West Virginia said "I wish I had me some hot cock."  "WHAT THE HELL?" rang out loudly from other bunks!

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  1. If that's actually the case, you're showing your age here, because I can't remember such a time.

    Although, I believe in England, "sucking on a fag" means smoking a cigarette. Here, not so much.