Thursday, August 20, 2015

1799. "Khmer, rubes!"

A Cambodian Commie had shot
Folks whose politics weren't what he sought
The man was neurotic
As well as despotic
No polls were held under Pol Pot.

  This week's contest rhyme-word is 'pot.'


  1. IMO, this deserved an Honorable Mention, at least. Oh well.

    1. Thanks, Dave -- I did, too (and perhaps my "Dot on the cot" 10-liner.) Do you think I'm being punished for my "up your anise" remark to Mad? Then again, her 1st Place picks often surprise me...

      Regardless, congratulations on YOUR honorable mention nod! You're getting really good, guy!

    2. I liked this one best of the ones you sent in.

      The winner was not unworthy, but yours was at least as good. I liked the kettle one too. And I thought mine was clever, but I'm biased, of course. Well, we all have different tastes, and her site, her rules, we know that going in.

      And thanks. But you get some credit for that too - I've improved quite a lot since I arrived at this site. I'll still throw up a brick every now and then, as we all do, but I'm definitely better in general than I was.