Saturday, August 29, 2015

1809-12. Dash it all

With your imprimatur, I'll dash
Off these lines as if wanting a sash
To drape o'er my right shoulder
Which reads, "Mr. Bolder"
(I'm speaking of 5-liners brash.)

Told a date, "I will settle your hash,
Pull your pants down, I'll warm up your gash."
And, lickety-split,
I then sprinkled her clit
With Tabasco (but only a dash.)

By the goal posts she waved from her Nash
I thought, "Great! Gonna get me some gash!"
I arrived, loins on fire
But 'twas just a flat tire
What a waste of a hundred yard dash.

A dad gave his teen son a lash
Also grounded him, cut off his cash
Kid had cleaned the wet spot
Tossed the condoms he'd bought
But had missed her footprints on pop's dash.

Obviously, this week's Mad word was 'dash.'

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