Wednesday, August 19, 2015

OP196-197. A mouth-watering meal

Cindy said I should add to the pot
Unique flavors - I gave it a shot
My familiar taste
Is not one she would waste
Now you've guessed it - it's just what you thought.

An acrostic food-related limerick, in response to one of Mad Kane's Facebook posts.  As it also qualifies for this week's Limerick-Off, I've entered it there too.

Only Cindy and I ever knew
What ingredients were in the stew
And the guests, they would savor
And question the flavor
They don't know, but I'm sure you do.

This one's not acrostic, and I just decided to add it now as a second stanza.  It would have qualified for last week's contest.

Dave's acrostic on CUMIN inspired me to write this follow up:

Before you put spice in the pot
Add beef stock but not a whole lot
Sprinkle flour for a roux
In goes salt, pepper too
Lick the spoon, say, "Good gravy!"  (Or not.) 

   -- The Limericist


  1. I hope I don't get us both ignored in future weekly MadKane contests, Dave. Did you see the non-limerick I wrote after you had posted "CUMIN" in the contest?

    Good work. My "BASIL" one is a bit weak. BTW, is 'Cindy' your wife?

  2. I just needed a 2 syllable name starting with C. i don't actually even know anyone named Cindy. I could have chosen any other random 2 syllable C name. And I'm single, actually.

    You can decide for yourself whether it's "cumin" or "cum in". It works equally well for both, and that was by design. And why I chose cumin at all.

    I hope my second stanza here doesn't ruin it. I just thought I'd add a little more to the story. Only the first one is entered in the contest, obviously. I'm not even sure it's my best this week - I posted another one I'm rather proud of on this site as well, as I'm sure you've seen. I just wonder if either will tickle her funny bone enough for me to win. I haven't done that yet.

    And yes, I saw your rather witty comments and your "basil" limerick on the contest site. I think it's pretty good, actually. (It's just not as suggestive as mine, that's all.)

  3. I had seen a couple of Mad's acrostic ones in her archives and they were damned good! However, I didn't see anything this week to have prompted you to say, "Here’s the acrostic limerick you ordered, Mad" at her site. I must have missed it.

  4. It was something she posted on Facebook, as I mentioned above. She didn't actually ask me to do one, but I figured I'd try one.