Sunday, January 29, 2012

517-518. Fill 'er up!

A well-endowed rascal named Joad,
Had balls that produced quite a load.
He'd fill a girl's cavity
With rampant depravity
Each time that his cock did expload.

A doctor well-versed in things feminal,
On his patients performed acts quite criminal.
He'd first put them under,
Then rip them asunder
And fill them from vesicles seminal.


  1. After 500+ of these I didn't think that I could laugh any harder than I already had. Nope, these broke the laughing meter. Truly hilarious, Limericist. Your fecund, fertile, filthy mind seemingly knows no bounds. Amazing.

  2. I'll mail your monthly check tomorrow. Thanks again, mom! You're really gettin' the hang of this.