Sunday, January 1, 2012

465. More soft-serve

Lightbulbs now aren't incandescent,
These two guys aren't intumescent.

There once was a fellow named Croft,
Who took a girl up to his loft.
He tried and he tried
To slip it inside
But his poor little dick remained soft.

This one I found at another website...
There once was a fellow named Chris
Whose love life was strangely amiss.
For even with Venus,
His recalcitrant penis
Could seldom do better than

1 comment:

  1. The Limericist might as well list the second saga under his "PD" Public Domain classification since it is essentially Number 1377 on page 283 of G. Legman's first collection of THE LIMERICK (1964, 1969). The agonist (in most every sense of the word) in that version of the "short story" bore the inexplicable name of "Bliss" rather than "Chris."