Monday, January 23, 2012

507-508. Maiden invaidin'

A horny rapscallion named Quinn,
Convinced a young virgin to sin.
There wasn't much clearance,
But with perseverance
He managed to shove it all in.

A dirty old bastard named Wright,
Liked virgins because they were tight.
His prick was so small
(Almost no dick at all)
That a used cunt just didn't feel right.


  1. Just read your last four creations. I thought that the three in red were hilarious. Not as crazy about the Great Deign, but I do know the novel you surely mean, The Vicar of Wakefield. It is pretty good. I didn't realize that he was writing that early on in Brit Lit. 1770 is Beethoven's birth year and pretty close to Jane Austen's. Whatever...

  2. Thanks for the kudos, Boulderite. You correctly named "The Vicar" as the novel. His well-known (?) poem is "The Deserted Village." Seems that Miss Britt in Senior English class pointed out the rarity of this 3-genres feat.