Sunday, January 15, 2012

494-495. That's the ticket

The name of our Prez is Obama,
But he also used that of his mama
Once she'd married Soetoro.
I don't know what for, though
Repubs still ask "¿Como se llama?"

(That's "What is your name?" in Spanish.)

That dirty-mouthed fellow named Biden,
Says things that deserve some stern chidin'.
He's all out of kilter
And needs him a filter,
Better yet, he should just stay in hidin'.



    Joe Biden spoke words that weren't his'n.
    That act gets some folks thrown in prison!
    For Prez, he lost face
    (Kinnocked from the race).
    Regardless, to VEEP he has risen.

    To avoid charges of plagiarism directed at myself, I acknowledge that the source of the rhymes "his'n/prison" was a quote by robber baron financier and short-selling scoundrel Daniel Drew (1797-1879). After losing money in an 1864 railroad stock speculation, Drew famously said,

    "He who sells what isn't his'n
    Must buy it back or go to prison."

    Some miscredit the authorship of that saying to Jay Gould, a later co-director with Drew on the board of the Erie Railroad.

    Neil Kinnock was a Member of Parliament whose "up by his bootstraps" speech Biden paraphrased during the 1988 campaign. Biden then "forgot" to attribute Kinnock.

  2. Great limerick, Okey. I'd suggest that line 4 read
    (Kinnocked out of the race.)
    to get better rhythm (and with the period inside the parenthesis.) I don't have my Strunk and White to check it but I do believe that's the convention.

    Where on earth did you learn or find such juicy tidbits of info?