Friday, January 27, 2012

514-515. Memories

A murderous, thieving old colonel,
Tracks all of his deeds in a jolonel.
Because of this guy's
Horrid acts, when he dies
His eternity will be infolonel.

There once was a bright teen-aged lad,
Who could name every girl that he'd had.
Since there'd only been two
He'd been able to screw
Well, of course, his recall wasn't bad!

Speaking of memory, my clever younger brother came up with the following:
"Psychologists have identified a new disease -- Orgasmic Amnesia.
To recall anything, you come to think of it."

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  1. Dear Limericist author,

    The excellence of these two inspired me to copy and paste them-plus several others and send to a couple of my intelligent, literate friends who I am sure will appreciate them.