Friday, January 6, 2017

2347-2351. AWAD of limericks on Sanskrit words

A bisexual German, a Brahmin,
Had lust for both herren und damen
And though he was wealthy
Was not a bit stealthy
About dating each (once uncommon.)

Went online, played a game with some mates
It was NASCAR-like, they said, "It rates!"
But my own chosen avatar
Somehow did not have a car
And wound up competing on skates.

Tried a midnight bank heist, should've shunned it
Saw a cop on my tail so I gunned it
I had tripped the alarm
Now I face prison harm;
As for safe cracking, I am no pundit.

A strict vegetarian, Tommy,
Eats fresh quinoa, kale, edamame.
He won't touch pirogi,
Is also a yogi
Who sikhs out advice from a swami.

A pacifist vows not to harm a
House fly or put on battle arma.
And a person who hectors
Conscientious objectors
Does not realize it's their karma.


  1. so great, Phil. several way better than mine, especially first and fourth. Loved 'herren und damen' and your sneaky sikhy pun


  2. Thank you, Zelda, but I sincerely doubt that mine are ANY better than yours -- much less "way better."