Sunday, January 1, 2017

2343. Just soy could say it

An un-strict vegetarian, Tommy,
Learned women could also taste yommy
He went down on one
Who'd a daughter and son
Prompting him to say, "I edamame."


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  2. ProTEIN doesn't grate nearly so much as your 2nd line's scansion.

    Do Canucks say, "ED-a-maim"? I've always heard it as, "ed-a-MOM-ee."

  3. Okay, Professor, I have revised my grateworthy Line 2...

    Vegetarians know what you mean
    Edamame - a plant that's a bean
    It's an excellent source
    Of much calcium, of course
    Iron too, reinforced with protein!

    Cook it, steamy, add salt, lots of butter
    Get inside the pod, pull out the clutter
    Mess about with your snout
    With your tongue all throughout
    But just keep your mind out of the gutter!

    Okay, I know the stressed syllable in 'protein' is reversed, but just say it with a wide, teeth-baring grin and oomph! (ooh-la-la!)