Monday, January 30, 2017

OP391-392. Hi from Haifa

Two from octogenarian AWAD limericist Zelda Dvoretzky...
Read the lips of Trumpette Kellyanne,
Walking backwards as fast as she can:
     In go gin and vermouth,
     Out comes "Alternate Truth"
As she tries to make sense of the man.

Watched the president's press guy, Sean Spicer,
Not succeed when he tried to seem nicer
     His linguistic contortions
     Arrived in large portions
He's more of a slicer and dicer.

Zelda, Steve Benko, Lindsay Crane and I have written a book, Limericks in the Time of Trump.  All 101 poems are clean and it is available thru Amazon.  The pair above will appear in Vol. II --- assuming our first opus sells.

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