Friday, January 20, 2017

2365-2368. God Save (us from) The King

Today we swear in a new prez
Some Dems will hear nothing he sez
Though his past actions randy
Were not sweet like candy
His head would work best serving Pez.

Trump's a loud-mouth, a bully, a lout
You can't believe much that he'll spout
By far he's the brashest
We've had, damned near fascist!
Reminds me a lot of that Kraut.

Don has loose things (and not just a screw)
Like his morals and language that's blue
He'll be like Herr Chancellor
Should he become canceller
Of laws which Obama got thru.

Most Democrats must want to pike him
For there's never been anyone like him.
I pray ev'ry night,
"Oh, Dear Lord, set him right
But if that can't be done then please strike him!"

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