Sunday, January 1, 2017

OP384-385. Meet 'n Greet 'n Bleat

The antelope came and broke through
The fence, scared two sheep, so withdrew
"I have only come here
Just to bring you good cheer
So, Happy Gnu Year to ewe two!":

"I've not come here to do hanky-panky
For the farmer may shoot me or spank me
But if you've time to burn
And, like me, you both yearn,
You can each take a turn and then rank me!"

(no need or concern then, to thank me)


  1. Clever all the way from the title to Line 10, Suz!

    Nice job, but you didn't say...
    wildebeest get laid or not?

  2. Ohhhh! That would have made a perfect title! I wished I had thought of that! I guess I just have to live with the fact that your creativity and capacity for more stellar ideas surpasses my own, hands down! Oh well, at least you put your talent to good use with this blog!

    Well then, to answer your question, here's a reply...

    Well, the gnu made a lasting impression
    With his crooning, seductive expression
    They were over the moon
    So then that afternoon
    A ménage a trois soon was in session.

    There! Okay, should I tell ya what happened when the farmer caught 'em in the act?

  3. I saw something and I could have sworn it was done by you, Phil...

    Deer readers, my gnu year's resolution is to tell you a gazelleon times how much I caribou you. Sorry. Bad puns. Alpaca a bag and leave.

  4. Stop copying my punmanship, Suz, oryx curtains for you!

  5. Hahahahahahahaha! Why worry, Maestro, when we all already know you are the King of Puns? You worry too much!