Saturday, January 30, 2016

1972. Heymann is no layman

Please welcome another Canuck
Who'll now post at this blog; she has pluck
Her 5-liners (and Dave's)
Nearly always bring raves
Hey, Suzanne, we all wish you much luck!

Long-time poster Dave Reddekopp is from Saskatchewan; Suzanne Heymann is from BC.


  1. I don't know just how to begin
    To thank you for letting me in
    You saw my potential
    And that is essential
    To help the wheels in my head spin.

    I've landed! From here where do WE go?
    To Limerickland, my amigo!
    I'm caught in a daze
    With your lavishing praise
    Lim'rick man, you're so good for my ego!

  2. I should be in Andorra, considering how much I'm basquing in your kudos, Suz.