Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1962. Touchy about feely

As he grasped both her cheeks in mid-hump
On his neighbor's ass, he felt a bump

He decided (for sport)
That he'd pinch that large wart
So he did.  Now his cheek has a lump.

I had an aunt who told the funniest jokes.  Here's one:
A not-too-bright man was approached by his neighbor, who said, "You SOB!  I understand you told everyone in town that my wife has a wart on her ass!"
The accused man replied, "No I didn't!!  All I said was, 'it felt like a wart.'"

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  1. That is so funny. I had an uncle like your aunt. He was one of the top guns in our church when he was still alive. The parishioners loved him. Don't know if they were drawn more by his jokes or by his sermons (he was good at both). Loved your aunt's joke btw. I'll be spreading that one around, thanks!