Sunday, January 3, 2016

1945. No Munster Mash for me

I haven't a fondness for cheese
Strong-smelling ones make me say, "Jeez!"
When it comes to fromage
I just say, "Quel dommage"
Will you keep it away from me, please?

1 comment:

  1. I'm showing this gem to my mother, and for good reason. When we used to have breakfast together, she would eat rye bread with the worst, pungent, rancid-smelling cheese known to man -- Limburger. The air would be thick with its fumes, which spoiled my breakfast, but... I don't get mad, I get even (that's AFTER I nicely asked her to not have that stuff in my presence, but she ignored the request and just chuckled) One morning, I brought steak tartar that I prepared myself. and put that on my rye bread. Well she gagged. (Yes!) The Limburger was promptly removed from the menu.

    P.S. When she offered a piece of Limburger to my cat, it literally catapulted him in the opposite direction and he ran like a cheetah. (yes, she liked to dole out cruel and unusual punishment)