Thursday, January 14, 2016

1956. What were MY odds?

Three persons are going to split
The lottery winnings, aw, shit!
Over 1 point 5 bil
Is the payoff.  I'd kill
For just eight or ten thousand of it.

I bought ten chances last night.  Each chance has six numbers ranging from 1-69.  Of the 60 numbers on my tickets, not a single fucking one matched any of the six winning numbers!  There should be a booby prize.


  1. Oh cry me a puddle, big baby!
    How much worse can your terrible day be?
    If you mean booby prize
    Is 'flash tits at your eyes'
    Would that then make you happy? Well maybe.


  2. No 'maybe' about it, Suzanne! Cute lim, too.