Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1954-1955. Hot (not Sugar) Rays

Mrs. Frosty had weight beyond welter
'Til the bright sunshine started to melt 'er
She slimmed and she shrank
(Her shed weight the birds drank)
Might have just as well gone to a smelter.

It's true, the sun's rays made her swelter
And, initially, made her look svelter
Jealous snow girls in shade
If not 'parked' would have paid
Her a visit in order to belt 'er!

The AWAD is 'welter' and none of the definitions addresses "Welterweight," which falls between Lightweight and Middleweight.  I wonder how that boxing weight classification got its name?  Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard were each champions of it.

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