Thursday, May 9, 2013

OP112. To the ends of heaven

My favorite target gets it again:

The news has been heard far and wide
Yes, Birmingham's bishop has died
So that horny old bishop
Will just have to wish up
In heaven there's children to ride.


  1. Super limerick AND title, Dave, but you probably shouldn't post it at Reddit. Your EXCELLENT lines 3 and 4 have almost the same rhythm as mine from "Wandering Menstrual":

    But I must confess, he
    And Bessy got messy

    which that idiot, "Bogroll", said didn't rhyme.

  2. Lol...the hell with him then. But I haven't posted it there. And I enjoyed that limerick. And to me, that rhymed.

    And just because the bishop dies in this limmie doesn't mean it'll be the last you hear of him, although I don't have any stored up at the moment.