Thursday, May 9, 2013

OP111. Neither did he realize the gravity of his situation

A young nuclear theorist named Lutz
Lost his job from Sequester-based cuts.
    Though he thought to pull strings
    It would not have changed things,
And, besides, he did not have the GUTs.

For the umpteenth time I am attempting to complete Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.  GUT is a Grand Unified Theory which seeks to unite the three forces of Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear (radioactivity) and Strong Nuclear (keeping protons and neutrons packed together).  Last I heard, the fourth, Gravitational force, is still odd-man-out.

Maybe my unfortunate protagonist is related to Bob Lutz, American Davis Cupper and doubles whiz of the 1970’s, who did know a thing or two about gut as applied to his string theory.


  1. I wonder what that theory is gonna be when they finally have it, and how they arrive at it. And if it'll be simple or complicated.

  2. David, perhaps this weak knock-off will suggest how to keep you on your TOEs (Theory of Everything):

    An old nuclear theorist named Stutz
    Was sent packing because he was nuts.
    . He believes he has pensions
    . In fourteen dimensions
    And sniffs for dark matter up butts.

  3. Two good ones, Okie! And I liked your "jokey" on Bob Lutz' string theory.

    Post more often -- yours are always clever and well-written!

  4. I believe the most common interpretation of string theory has eleven dimensions - ten spatial, one temporal.

    Nonetheless, I liked the limmies, both of them. I too think you should post more, you're obviously talented.