Friday, May 10, 2013

1035. Self-portrait? (I hope not.)

A learned man (lacking allure)
When writing, comes off like a boor.
He has lots of cargo*
And uses much argot 

To condescend (it's de rigueur.)

*As in "to have lots of baggage."  His supercilious attitude is one problem...


  1. After having to look up the esoteric "argot" to learn that it means "The Secret Jargon," I suggest you Burnett. [Really, I would keep the limerick as is, and retain your comment about the actual pronunciation of "argo" a Jason to it.]

  2. Thanks for your Hera-ing puns, Okie. I'm Poseidon myself with laughter.

    The dragon in the myth was naut doing any "Secret Guardin'" - he was in plain sight, I thought. Guess he had to be careful not to breathe on the golden fleece and burnett.

    Actually, I used 'argot' as a synonym of patois, meaning 'slang' or 'street language' KNOWN to everyone. I didn't even know it also had a 'secret' connotation.

  3. Your friend Bogroll from Reddit wouldn't approve, but I'm fine with it.

    But you PUNny PUNks should have PUNted the PUNs. You've caused too much PUNitive damage for this PUNdit. It's more PUNishment than I can bear.

  4. Oh, and speaking of Reddit, why don't you suggest a word or topic for the next contest? I was the last to.