Friday, May 18, 2012

697. Don't wait #5

Provide the final word via a comment.. 
A young Arab golfer does mutter,
For he is a really bad putter.
But he's great when he hunkers
Way down in the bunkers --
Sand's everywhere back home in ______.

Answered.  See comment(s) -- esp. if you like puns!

I hope this exercise over the past five days was enjoyable.  I'm thinking of running the contest one week out of every month.  Comment or email if you'd rather The Limericist didn't make you play "Phil in the blank."


  1. That young Arab golfer might improve his handicap if he played courses with sand greens, perhaps the same kind on which he learned the game back home in "Qatar."

  2. Oman! Iran right to my atlas, tehran through the pages hoping for some sinai would sudanly find the anwar. Mr. Limericist, aren't euphrates geographic puzzles will mecca persian give up, or at least say, "Bahrain!"?

    I heard that Carl Kasell has accepted an offer from Al Jazeera to work on their new show, "Kuwait, Kuwait...Don't Tell Me."

  3. I'm not even going to try to start a pun-fest, OkieJokey. Those are all wonderful!!! Also, congrats on supplying "Qatar."

  4. Okie Jokey is on fire with the puns!! Syriasly!! Isreal good.