Wednesday, May 16, 2012

694. Don't wait #3

Provide the final word via a comment..
A pris'ner complained to the warden(t),
"My cell block is way too discordant.
Can't relax with a book
In my six by six nook
'Cause my cellmate's vile
threats are so ________."
Answered.  See comment(s).


  1. The difficulty I had in answering this limerick challenge was mordant I expected. Yes, it took an exercise in alphabetic matching with -ordant to unearth the desired (I hope!) response of "mordant" defined as harshly critical or sarcastic. I wrongly thought the word had something to do with death (morose, mortal, moribund, Mordor) so I was surprised when I looked it up. (There was also my confusion with the neologism describing my underwear -- merde-ant.)

  2. Well, Okie, you're not the first person who's thought "mordant" was related to "death words." Whatever your method for finding the winning answer -- well done! BTW, start wiping better...