Saturday, May 26, 2012

705. Clap is applausible reason

There once was a fellow named Kinnan,
Who hired a whore for some sinnin'.
Three days after he leapt her
He noticed his sceptre
Was leaving stains on his bed linen.


  1. I thought that this was vg! Just wonder if Tinnin is the best choice. Seems like it was manufactured just to rhyme. Maybe another name or a place--like Benin--but that may very well be pronounced Bay-neen. But there ought to be something. My brain isnt clever enough to come up with one however. Sorry. I am sure you can though...

  2. It "was" redolent of Sgt. Tinnin from my USAF days, but per your comment, Boulderite, I've changed it to "Kinnan" as in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings of "The Yearling" fame.