Monday, May 14, 2012

690. Don't wait, DO tell me!

Carl Kassel is the limerick reader for Nat'l. Public Radio's show "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!"  Contestants listen to him recite one without the final word and then must provide it.

To increase comments here I'm going to try the same ploy each day this week.  You have to supply the missing word!  Simply click on 'comments' below the post and follow the instructions.  Email me at if you need help with "how to."

There once was a pirate named Abram
Who, when fighting with foes, liked to sabre 'em.
One fellow fought back,
And delivered a whack
Which gave Abram a wound to his ____.

Answered.  See comment(s).


  1. How about "scrotum"????

  2. Scrotum doesn't rhyme (o vs. a) and your using it must mean you're thinking of Jacques! Merge the italicized words in my tag line, and think Latin.

  3. So maybe you want "labrum"??? But I think scrotum is pretty humorous, though it only rhymes in last syllable.

  4. You must be looking for "labrum." That's the word that immediately popped into mind, but when I looked it up in my Funk & Wagnall's the definition read "mouth part of an arthropod" which really bugged me. Leave it to the trusty (?) internet to save the day. In medical parlance, a labrum is the soft elastic fibrocartilaginous tissue docking area for the humerus in the shoulder joint (glenoid labrum) or the femur in the hip joint (acetabular labrum). Then there was Labrum Harris, Jr. who won the U.S. Amateur Golf Tourney in 1962 while playing for his dad at Oklahoma State (okay, it was Labron, but that name has since been sullied by "Le bum" James and his traitorous South Beach antics).

  5. I found your last two sentences quite humerus, Mr. Anonymous. When playing in some amateur Tournament, Labron (Junior) had an incredible three-hole streak. He aced a 3-par, eagled a 4-par and aced the next 3-par -- 4 strokes to play three holes!