Tuesday, May 22, 2012

701. Say MEE-yo

Hearing pieces by Darius Milhaud
Leaves some (pardon my Spanish) muy frio.
At Mills College, taught Brubeck
Composing -- how to peck
Out jazz pieces done by Dave's trio.

Actually, the student became famous beginning in the early 1950s
as the pianist/leader of the Dave Brubeck Quartet (but that didn't rhyme.)


  1. Tallulah BunkbedMay 23, 2012 at 1:11 AM

    I remember DM from my Aspen days. He was a fixture at the Tent,
    being pushed around (literally) by Madeleine. He was my one and
    only personal contact with "Les Six", and he definitely put the "pro"
    back in prolific! One of my favorites among his chamber music is
    a three-way between piano, violin and clarinet -- I took to calling
    it The Milhaud Trilhaud. Maybe you hadda be there...

  2. Hey Tallulah, your play on words for the Trio is the cat's Milhaud. Loved it...