Saturday, May 12, 2012

688. Double entendre

I love phrases that can be "heard two ways."

One night at the flat of my flame,
We engaged in a fun little game.
She said "I Want You OUT!"
I then put on a pout,
And rather than going, I came.

Click PD7-8. to see similarities to the "young man from Kent."


  1. But of course this reminds me of an old classic:

    There once was a man from Kent,
    Whose dick was exceedingly bent,
    To save himself trouble,
    He'd insert it in double,
    But instead of coming he went.


  2. If you'll go back to PD7-8 on 10-10-2011 you'll find "The man from Kent" already posted, along with one of your alltime favorites! I, too, thought of "Kent" when writing this one. Thanks for commenting, and see today's #690 for your chance to be the 1st winner in my new contest!