Saturday, April 1, 2017

OP419-422. It happened in 1959

This is a true story, folks. Don't believe me? Ask my mum!

When my sister (the eldest) was born,
From the birth my poor mother was worn.
Doctor spanked the babe's bum,
Checked her health, and then some --
Got returned to her mum the same morn.

When she lifted the blanket to feed her,
The feelings of shock did stampede her;
A boy was inside!
My poor mum almost died,
As the nurses had tried to mislead her.

The confusion and screams that would follow
Were much more than the woman could swallow.
The real babe they did bring
To which Momma did cling,
Their apologies ringing quite hollow.

Well, my mum and the nurses conversed,
Then in laughter together immersed;
Any punishment draped
On the nurses escaped
'Cause that day -- it was April the first!


  1. Suz, you've written four excellent verses
    On those tricky Canadian nurses
    Somehow, though, I feel
    Mum did more than just squeal
    Are you certain she didn't scream curses?

    Another quality quatrain, perfectly timed as to rhythm and presentation date! Glad to have you posting again.

  2. Thanks, Phil! And here's my reply to your clever addition...

    Oh, some curses she screamed, I am sure
    But her English was broken, impure
    But her screams could break glass
    And kick anyone's ass
    She'd still do it with class, and endure!