Saturday, April 29, 2017

2470-2473. Down, but not out

On yesterday morn I said, "Shoot!"
When my trusty(?) laptop went kaput
Took it in for repairs,
Man did not ease my cares
Saying, "This may cost lots of your loot."

What's worse, he said, "3 or 4 days."
And I have not employment which pays
Me, so soon as he said it
I knew that my credit
Card's balance will raise my malaise.

I suppose I could post by smart phone
But the keypad's so small, makes me groan
While it's OK for reading
Email, I'm conceding
I'm using a PC "on loan."

Yes, I've come to my local library
For a couple of hours here I'll tarry
But they're closed on Sunday
No more posts 'til Monday
So Suz and Dave, please here "make merry."

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