Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2467. Anus and handy

O'Doul, a persuasive galoot,
Had a lady friend out in Canute
When her pussy was dry
He convinced her to try
His old cock up her filthy poop chute.

Pop. 541


  1. In re your title: Holy mackerel! Did O'Doul drive to Canute from his home in Kingfish(er)? Also, the lady friend was a masochist, and she refused his offer of K-Y Jelly because of her salve ire.

  2. Okie, your puns require explanations for readers younger than about 65.

    "Amos and Andy" was a popular radio show which parodied negroes. It ran from 1928 until the late-50s. You will probably want to google the title, but for now...

    Kingfish........ head of their lodge
    Holy Mackerel!" ... his favorite lead-in
    Salve Ire="Sapphire" ... his wife