Monday, April 24, 2017

2465. Aaaargh

Those of you who subscribe to A.Word.A.Day know about some of the AWFUL limericks which are chosen for display by webmaster Anu Garg (who obviously lacks the scansion and rhyming genes.)

Joan Perrin used to be one of the worst offenders but has now been supplanted by 3-4 other bards who are even worse!  Still, when I saw this week (scroll nearly to the bottom of that link) that Garg had chosen to print three(!) of Joan's, I couldn't resist writing this:

There once was a poet(?) named Perrin, Joan
Her stories and complete lack of rhythm made everyone groan
Except for a guy named Anu
Who, I am guessing, Joan several times blew
Do you think if I asked he might give me the number for her phone?

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