Monday, February 20, 2017

OP415. Trois, compagnie (Three's company)

I'm not fluent enough to be what you'd consider bilingual, but I had the rhymes and basic storyline I wanted on my own.  Got some translation help from Google to tie up any loose ends.  This is one of those experiments I wanted to try once to see if I could.

Quand dit un homme nommé François
"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"
Elle a dit, "Mon ami
Peut rejoindre aussi?"
Ils avaient donc un ménage a trois.

The English version doesn't scan as a limerick: 

When said a man named Francois,
"Do you want to sleep with me?"
She said, "My friend
Can join too?"
So they had a threesome.


  1. I'll run your French one (impressive, btw) past Robin Sutherland who is fluent. To me, it appears that L4 needs the reflexive, "Puis-je me joindre aussi?" so that it comes out 'Can I join too?' but I'm no expert. That would require "Puis-je me" to be said as a triplet for it to scan.

  2. Upon re-reading your English version, Dave, I realize that "My friend" wasn't an address to Francois.
    Did you intend L3&4 to mean, "May my friend join, too?"
    If so then my reflexive suggestion is all wet (as I suppose the participants were.)

  3. I meant whatever will make it scan in French, lol...yeah, that's basically what I was going for.

    I'm not saying I'll never try this again, but it's not going to become a habit. While I like the limerick, there's a reason I stick to English. That said, you know I like to try new things sometimes with my limericks.