Monday, February 20, 2017

2398. Gettin' friendly

A top at the Castro Street "Y"
Did a prissy young fellow espy
From behind he said, "Yum!
Where's your tasty ass from?"
The twink turned and said gaily, "Ojai!"

Vetted and modernized by my gay SF friend, Robin.  He informed me that aggressives are now called 'tops' (not bulls) and that passives are 'bottoms' or 'twinks' (not nancies.)


  1. I recall you mentioned a gay SF friend in my James Boned limerick, way back at OP99. Same guy?

  2. Yes, same person. I first introduced him in
    "24-26. Multi-Talented Guy" on Aug. 6, 2011.

    He used to visit the blog with some regularity but he's so good at them, he may have decided that reading our work might bring him down! We still email regularly.

  3. He ought to be a contributor, like me or Suzanne or your brother. He's certainly talented.