Thursday, February 9, 2017

OP400. Shit head

Well, only the skankiest whore'll
Do anal before doing oral
If you do this, you taste
Your own bodily waste
Butt first, it's completely immoral.


  1. That one's grossly graphic (and clever), Dave! I love the title, the "Whore'll-oral" rhyme, and "Butt" for 'but.'

    However, ORTHOgraphically (since L1 is about a single whore,) L2 should read:

    Do anal before she does oral

    I'd also prefer that lines 3 & 4 didn't switch from talking ABOUT a whore to talking TO her. It breaks a rule of English, the name of which I cannot recall. However, then you'd need them to read something like

    If she does this, she tastes
    Her own bodily wastes

    Pedantically yours,

    1. Okay, I've made one minor change to L2, which takes care of the issue.

      I don't see L3 on as necessarily talking to the whore, but to anyone who would try that. If you were to try that with a guy, for instance, I'd be saying that only the skankiest whore'll do that, and if you try it...