Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OP393-399. Dump Team Trump

The pick of Vice-President Pence
At first doesn't make any sense
But if Trump's in a hearse
Perhaps Pence would be worse
And therein lies the Donald's defense

The old propagandist, Steve Bannon
Is, much like the prez, a loose cannon
His boss is the brashest
And fearlessly fascist

A pawn for pursuing his plan in

There's the press secretary, Sean Spicer
Who I wish was more honest, and nicer
But he lies for a living

Which I'm not forgiving
Would telling the truth be conciser?

Trump's team needs to go quite a long way
"Alternative facts" are the wrong way
This regime is a fraud
And it seems rather odd
It's a clue that their counselor's "Con"way.

If you're asking me to diagnose
The appointment of Betsy DeVos
Well, I think it's a bummer
The kids will be dumber

Her qualifications? Not close.

I don't like Trump's AG pick, Jeff Sessions
He'll commit a whole host of transgressions

His idea of justice
Would surely disgust us
He should begin making confessions.

And last but not least, there's the Don
From the start he's been putting us on
When he's done with this scam
He is going to scram
Although, sadly, the rest won't be gone.


  1. Honestly, I think the Pence verse is the best one. Sorry about the near-rhyme in the Conway verse, I didn't see a way around it.

  2. Honestly, I think the whole lot of them take first place with me! You've combined accurate facts, along with humor, along with great meter and catchy rhyming. Just wow! I didn't even scrutinize the 'Conway' near-rhyme until you mentioned it. Other than that, these verses are sparkling jewels that adorn this page. Nice work, David!

  3. Let me Rush to say "ditto" to Suz' comment.

    Think Pence might be worse? Ain't no way!
    I'd much rather that Trump quit today
    At least Pence is gentle,
    Don's both mean and mental
    Can't wait 'til he's through holding sway.

    1. I don't really think Pence would, or could, be worse than Trump, but he sure as hell wouldn't be GOOD. At this point it's not if, but how Americans are getting ass-raped. That's what your vote means.

      Anyway, though, my point is that Trump's probably kept the assassins away so far because everyone knows how shitty a president Pence would be. That may be the reason Pence was on the ticket. I say the sniper should shoot them both.

  4. Trump BEHAVES worse, not hard to believe
    But Mike Pence has worse things up his sleeve
    If you research, you'll find
    Pence is meaner, not kind
    His demeanor's designed to deceive!

    Yeah. I know I shouldn't repeat 'Pence' or the phonetic 'meaner' words. Oh well! Nothing else worked better.

    1. Hahahaha! I just noticed that you also repeated 'Pence' Hahahaha!

    2. We all did. Your verse is fine.

      I like your alliteration in L5. I used it with "p" in L1 of my limerick.