Saturday, February 4, 2017

2382. DWB = "Driving While Black."

There's a new TV show, "Live PD"
About POlice Departments, and gee,
There is never a lack
Of bad guys who are black
Tulsa's featured; perhaps you'll see me!

Good show!  It's on A&E Friday nights but they're doing bonus coverage tonight -- Sat., Feb. 4.  They have cameramen riding with officers in several locales -- Phoenix, SLC, Columbia SC, Tulsa, Walton County FL, and 3-4 more.

It is SCARY how many cars they stop for minor infractions and then smell weed.  In doing "probable cause" searches, MJ, meth, coke, and guns are very often discovered --- and these are NOT staged pullovers.  I may quit driving --- criminals are everywhere!

1 comment:

  1. My reply to your very last sentence...

    Then quit driving, and go with Plan B
    If it's crime from which you want to flee
    Take a bus, bike or horse
    Goes much slower, of course
    But you're safe! No remorse! You will see.