Tuesday, November 22, 2016

PD279-282. Barely Bawdy

There once was a man named O'Malley
Who was having a lassie named Sally
The first words she spoke
As he gave her a poke
Were, "Mister, you're right up my alley!"

A remarkable race are the Persians,
They have such peculiar diversions.
They screw the whole day
In the regular way,
And save up the nights for perversions.

There once was a randy Parisian
Who screwed an appendix incision,
And the girl of his choice
Could hardly rejoice
At his horrible lack of precision.

There was a young cad name of Snyder
Who took out a girl just to ride her.
She allowed him to feel
From her neck to her heel,
But never would let him inside her.

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