Thursday, November 24, 2016

OP364-372. Happy Thanksgobbling!

On Thanksgiving, our family had goose
Chewing that, made our teeth kinda loose
Our dinner, I heard
Doesn't have to be bird
I'd a-settled for nice cuts of moose!

Another Thanksgiving saw duck
But its feathers I first had to pluck
But before I could sup
The guests ate it all up
Was I pissed off? Oh yup! Wtf!

There was one time when we just had chicken
The turkeys sold out for the pickin'
I'm too tardy, alas!
(I'm still kicking my ass)
Still was good, not too crass, finger lickin'.

Then one year, we tried out some pheasant
It was gamey, but still rather pleasant
Rich and dark, and what's more
Almost fat-free (a score!)
It's not just merely made for a peasant.

So the next year, we feasted on quail
Three per person and served up with ale
Cutting head, foot and feather
Of twelve, altogether
Takes bloody forever! Bewail!

Last year's pigeon was bad (not my fault!)
Should have added a whole lot of salt
After one bite, I spat
Think I'd rather eat cat
My opinion of that - Oy gevalt!

Now finally we're having some turkey!
At my friend's, who is perky and quirky
I've had more than enough
Of that jaw-breaking stuff
'Cause the texture was tough as beef jerky

That's it! I'm so fed up, I am!
For poultry, I don't give a damn!
I don't want any bird
It's a four-letter word!
Have you people not heard of a ham?!

And a final note...

I should not have just talked about food
Focussed only on that, I'm so rude!
So it's one of those times
To thank Phil for his rhymes
And be ringing the chimes for this dude!


  1. Awwwww, thanks for that add-on verse, Suzanne.

    I can't improve on your story, just augment it a bit:

    Is 'pigeon' the same thing as squab?
    Ain't tried either, nosiree-bob.
    But you skipped one I love
    Which is bacon-wrapped dove
    Served with field greens and corn-on-the-cob.

    I've heard of 'Rock Cornish Game Hen'
    But that 'rock' means I've not had a yen
    To try it. The truth
    Is, scared I'd break a tooth!
    I'm stickin' with turkey, my frien'.

  2. Nice addition to the flock, thanks! I knew I was missing something, but my mind went blank. I did think of the Cornish hens, however, but thought they might fall into the 'chicken' category.

    And I just had to comment on your fabulous, 2-verse finale...

    Ah, the bacon-wrapped dove you must try it
    How delicious is that? Words defy it!
    Never had it, but still
    Must be good - so says Phil
    And I don't have the will to deny it.

    You want Rock Cornish Game Hens all tender?
    Then chuck the darn things in your blender!
    It's not a mind-bender
    I do recommend 'er
    Surrender to slender-chopped splendor!