Sunday, November 13, 2016

2294-2297. Call me old school

I hate when a snatch has no hair
But in porn, pubes are now rather rare
What makes a girl shave
That great growth 'round her cave?
God didn't intend it as bare.

A friend told me, "You are like Genghis
Khan, set in your ways, and a dingus.
Besides, it's much cleaner
When you get between her
Two legs and perform cunnilingus.

"You won't get any pubes on your tongue,
Or inhale one down into your lung
And can zero right in
On her clit, not within,
Where she's most sensitive, old or young."

"We oldsters are not into sucking,"
I responded, "I only do fucking.
It just doesn't seem fine
When a gal looks 'bout nine
Because all her crotch hair's suffered plucking."

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