Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2299. A monumental limerick

In a crevice he started his drilling
Found the jack-hammer action fulfilling
He got off his rocks

Now, think outside the box,
Gutzon Borglum's Mount Rushmore is thrilling!


  1. Aha! Catering to those of us with filthy minds, just to put us on a guilt trip with your punishing, puritan punchline!

  2. I rarely get in a 'surprise ending,' but thought that was one of my better ones.

    Actually, I think my fave part is Line 4's double entendre... or did that slip past you? Maybe I should have reddened it, too.

  3. I did get it (Line 4). I wondered why that wasn't also in red. I should have mentioned it. It was only your punchline that was puritan, as I had indicated (maybe that was too subtle a hint...)