Wednesday, October 12, 2016

PD260-265. Six sexy sluts

A dolly in Dallas named Alice,
Whose overworked cunt was all callus
Wore the foreskin away
On uncircumcised Ray
Through exuberance, tightness, and malice.

There once was a lady named Claire
Who possessed a magnificent pair
Or that's what I thought
'Til I saw one get caught
On a thorn and begin losing air.

A reckless young lady of France
Had no qualms about taking a chance
But she thought it was crude
To get screwed in the nude
So she always went home with damp pants.

A wanton young lady from Wimley
Reproached for not acting quite primly
Said, "Heavens above!
I know sex isn't love,
But it's such an entrancing facsimile."

An agreeable girl named Miss Doves
Likes to jack off the young men she loves
She will use her bare fist
If the fellows insist
But she really prefers to wear gloves.

A savvy young hooker named Gail
Got busted and lodged in the jail
But the jailer got hot
To be lodged in her twat
And so Gail made the bail with her tail.

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