Wednesday, October 19, 2016

PD266-270. Juicy Lucy

Found at a Brit site. Who knew nasty 'net nymphs were literate?
When your luscious delicious cock's showing
And stiffening, throbbing and growing
I get horny as hell
And my lips down there swell
With my juices damn well overflowing.

If you thrust with the passion of Zeus
You can squirt my whole face with your juice
If you want, I could suck
But if you wanna fuck
Ride me hard till I buck like a moose!

When a guy is a perverted prick
And his mind is a little bit sick
It makes it much better
And makes me much wetter
When he's got (but ain't) a big dick.

There's a word - it's called squelchy; I love it!
It's the noise when you push it and shove it
Of that sound I am fond;
From your slimy slick wand
I get wetter beyond and above it!

Please help my vagina go lube
With your sexy cylindrical tube
Its head I'll be teasing
While me you're appeasing
By sucking and squeezing my boob.

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