Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2256. Pesce problem

Once I've finished and withdrawn my dong
It can seem like I've done something wrong
Though no license for fishin'
I've fulfilled my wish 'n'
The odor of tuna is strong.


  1. You and David keep talking about
    How we gals smell like tuna or trout
    I'm sure most of us lean
    Towards good quim hygiene
    I sure keep my own clean, there's no doubt!

    Your pecker, you ought to just boil it
    To purge smell and germs as you soil it
    All you boys rarely wash
    Your hands after you slosh
    And spill urine when using the toilet!

    1. Of your 10th line, we're certainly guilty
      'Cause our peckers can be a bit tilty
      On our hands we don't dribble
      'Bout washing, don't quibble
      Be glad our dicks aren't always wilty.

    2. I'm supposed to be happy your dicks
      Aren't wilty? Why? Are they like bricks?
      There's no benefit there
      So I really don't care
      And there's nothing with flair dicks can fix.

    3. We can't pee when our dicks are erect
      That's for your benefit, I suspect
      Otherwise we could piss
      In your slimy abyss
      Which would likely your pussy infect.

    4. What the hell do you want, a cigar?
      You want praise with a shiny gold star?
      Just because you ain't peed in
      The hole where we're bleedin'?
      The one you're so needin'
      And enter full speed in?
      Then there'd be no breedin', by far!

    5. This dialogue's grown quite absurd
      Here's my final one; want the last word?
      Well, if you should reply
      I'll be one stand-up guy
      ("Stand-up" meaning what you have inferred.)