Sunday, October 16, 2016

2267. A flock of schlock

On what are Anu's choices based?
He must read the lim'ricks in haste.
Prints lots which don't rhyme
With no concept of time
It is clear that he has little taste.

Follow this link, note the five words (in blue, top right) and then scroll nearly to the bottom of the page to see the limericks chosen for "air time" by the website's author. (Scroll too far and you'll have to read my puns.)

I am e-friends with Benko and Dvoretzky and receive all five of their limmies each Friday.  On a weekly basis, it amazes me how Zelda's get (mostly) left out.  Only hers on "confute" was chosen for last week while four of Benko's five made it.  Look at which of Zelda's were left out by Anu:

I was sort of betwixt and between
when it came to the proper propine.
        Though the service was bad
        I still tipped the poor lad -
just a scared, inexperienced teen.
I would never presume to malign
a sommelier's choices of wine,
        but my steak calls for red,
        he brings rose' instead.
That adversely affects the propine.

Said the chef with a sigh of despair,
"Can't create with my usual flair;
        herbs and spices all flocculate,
        'gainst damp can't innoculate!
It also plays hob with my hair."

Don't just do what the other guy said.
Please decide with your own brain instead.
        We must strive to evolve
        because life won't absolve
us from just going where we are led.

It's not enough just to berate,
or more seriously objurgate.
        For fanatics, debate
        can't diminish their hate.
Adversaries they must extirpate.

As you'll note by reading all Mr. Garg's selections, some from other writers are beyond belief in badness and NEVER should have seen the light of day when the above were available.

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