Friday, October 28, 2016

2277-2278. Responding to thrown gauntlets

I emailed #2274 to several people who don't read my blog.  One challenged me to write a limerick on conductor Wilhelm Furtwängler (accent on Furt):

That podium maestro named Furtwängler,
Had two 'sticks' but one was a curt dangler
Couldn't get a hard on
In his lower baton
He'd just squeeze women's tits like a shirt mangler.

The other writer, recalling the American leader in Hogan's Heroes, said, "The world cries out for a Bob Crane 'Colonel Hogan' limerick, citing his …ahem…. private proclivities."  That sent me googling for forgotten details on Crane's death and resulted in this one:

John H. Carpenter couldn't refrain
From joining trysts done with Bob Crane
They would film filthy flicks
With girls sucking their dicks
But when Bob dumped him, John whacked Crane's brain.

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