Monday, February 29, 2016

OP250-253. Neither here nor there... except today!

If years ago, you're born on this day
You have a quadrennial birthday
Once every 4 years
We can truly say "Cheers!"
And drink several beers and say "Hooray!"

You're referred to as leapling or leaper
For 3 years, your big day is a sleeper
Age reminders are plenty
Though 80, you're 20
And here is a tipoff
Your birthdate's a ripoff
As birthday gift-giving gets cheaper.

The U.S. has 200 thou
Worldwide it's 5 million, oh wow!
The number of leapers
I say jeepers creepers
The time of conception
The rule or exception?
Fertility gods
Tell us, what are the odds?
1 in 1461, holy cow!

So if your birthday's 20 and 9
Happy birthday, unlucky Sunshine!
Go ahead, party hearty
Be burpy, be farty
Eat cake till you belch like a swine!

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