Monday, February 22, 2016

2001. Thanks, Dave and Suzanne!

You'll read things here not found in books
Some can place on your face ghastly looks
Though they don't all enlighten
I'll keep on a-writin'
To entertain both you Canucks.
Canadians David Reddekopp and Suzanne Heymann are each daily readers of this blog.  They're also poets, as evidenced by their posts (e.g., see the two 'OP' entries just below.)  I value their faithfulness, fun, and friendship.


  1. That's gonna be a reach, Suz (but only geographically!)

    By the way, am I 'pronouncing'the word 'Canuck' correctly? I've always heard it as rhyming with 'book,' but let me know if it matches 'duck.'

    1. We Canucks pronounce it to rhyme with 'duck', but don't worry, because the vowel sound variation between the last word in L2 and the last word in L5 is so slight, that I didn't even notice the difference after reading it. Also, by the time you get from L2 to L5, enough words and time have passed by (you're not hearing them side by side) that you don't notice that tiny variation. Leave it, it's perfect the way it is, and still sounds good. You could say you 'got away with it.' Nice job!

      And your lovely limerick was such a nice acknowledgement too (real sweet!)