Sunday, February 7, 2016

1980. Probably more than I deserve

20,000 hits made on my blog!
That pleases this old glory hog.
And though some posts glitter
If they were on Twitter
Ten million the airwaves might clog!

Actually, the StatCounter™ at the bottom left of each page isn't accurate.  Visits from phones aren't logged and certain firewalls even 'hide' computer visits.  On the other hand, if a visitor stays on for very long, he gets counted several times!  I block my visits so as not to skew the stats any more than they are.

1 comment:

  1. There are congratulations in order
    From a member just north of the border
    I'm silly, straightforward
    But I'll say one more word
    I've become a limerick hoarder!

    You know I just can't get enough
    Of engaging in limerick stuff
    The fun never ends
    The limericks are friends
    Your site is the highlight
    Of my day (and my night)
    And eases the times when they're tough.

    Hey thanks for the laughs, Limerick Man! (and certified nut)